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Cat Sledding, Meow!

Sunday, January 15th, 2006 by Matthew in Physics Games
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Japanese blogger “do_of_i” is most well known for his World of Sand digital toy, but has also created several simple physics-based games with the Java-driven Proc55ing (the same language used in this wonderful zombie simulator applet).

Cat Sledding is a simplistic physics-based alignment game. You have two keys: Z and X, which rotate left and right. You control a cat sledding down a hill in a race against other cats. Successfully landing flips elicits a meow and a boost of speed. The player skills here is the most rudimentary in physics games: predicting gravitationally-influenced movement. Do you have enough time to flip once more before the ground rushes up to meet you, or not?

That’s basically it. Despite its simplicity it manages to entertain for a few minutes. The core of the game is reminiscent of DMA Design’s Uniracers for SNES, albeit with the complexity stripped away. Uniracers is a good time, by the way–highly recommended if you didn’t have the good fortune of playing it through when it was originally released.

Cat Sledding Physics Game Download Cat Sledding Physics-Based Game
(Cat Sledding Game Screenshots)

Play this physics-based game online in your web browser (Java).

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