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Amoeball: Hot Single Cell Action

Tuesday, January 10th, 2006 by Matthew in Physics Games,Virtools
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Amoeball is a game I made in my spare time over two years. It began as a simple learning experiment. I was teaching one of our artists, Steve, how to use physics in the development platform we use, Virtools. Within 45 minutes a simple volleyball game was completed, but we played the game itself for a good two hours after that. It was one of those rare times where you spend much more time playing a game than you did actually making it.

From there we decided to slap some art treatment on the game. I added a simple AI and refined the menu a little. The end result is what you see here. It seems simplistic–and really, it is–but give the game 30 minutes of your time playing against a friend. You might be surprised how deep some of the strategies run.

Amoeball Screenshot 1 Amoeball Screenshot 2
(Amoeball Game Screenshots)

Click on the above screenshots to enlarge. The game is playable online right in your web browser using the Virtools Web Player.

Click here to play the free Amoeball volleyball physics game.

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