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Originally Posted by Beakless View Post
Hmm, I'm very excited about this... Just tree things about the ragdoll that I think you could make better:
  1. You should stop the ragdoll stopping after a few seconds of crashing.
  2. You could increase the friction so that the ragdoll flips more (would look good with your choise of view)
  3. Make the bike able to collide with the ragdoll instead of just rolling through it ..

Do these, and for me, a legend is born.
Now breakless I know your a respected person on this forum so Ill go easy, I just have one thing about this post

You want him to stop the ragdoll stopping (i gues you dont want it to stop so quickly and keep gliding a little longer? (Allways use your best grammar)
But you also want him to INCREASE the friction so it would bump more...

Those are the EXACT opposite, dont think you were really awake when you wrote it, or I just missunderstand you

I completly agree though about the bike collision

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